2017 ABCA Convention clinic videos released

2017 ABCA Convention clinic videos released

The American Baseball Coaches Association has released the 2017 ABCA clinic videos on its video website, www.ABCAvideos.org. The complete 2017 clinic set features all 27 presentations from the main stage at the 2017 ABCA Convention in Anaheim.

Attendees at the 2017 ABCA Convention received the entire 2017 clinic video set for free! This is the third consecutive year that coaches that members that checked-in onsite at the convention have received the videos free of charge ($300 value). Attendees from the 2015 Convention in Orlando and the 2016 Convention in Nashville also have access to those year's clinics.

All 2016-17 ABCA members can use their 30% off coupon code for any purchases on the new video website. Members can find their coupon code on the back of their membership card, in their confirmation email or in the latest "Press Box" e-newsletter.

ABCAvideos.org features all ABCA clinics dating back to 2008. Any purchases or free videos will appear in the "My Archives" section of the website.

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