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ABCA Constitution & Bylaws

The American Baseball Coaches Association is governed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the ABCA Constitution & Bylaws. The full Constitution & Bylaws is available by clicking the link below.

The purposes of the American Baseball Coaches Association include:

  1. To promote excellence in the coaching of baseball.
  2. To promote all aspects of the game of amateur baseball.
  3. To promote the game of baseball, especially within the mission of educational institutions.
  4. To foster national and international amateur sports competition in the sport of baseball.
  5. To promote and develop leadership in baseball within educational institutions and in the various amateur baseball organizations.
  6. To assist in the educational development of amateur baseball coaches.
  7. To assist in the growth and development of baseball in cooperation with organizations with similar goals.
  8. To disseminate educational baseball information to members and allied groups as necessary.
  9. To engage in baseball-related activities as determined by the represented membership.
  10. To accomplish the foregoing for educational, non-profit purposes in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code(s) 501(c)(3).

ABCA Constitution & Bylaws (PDF)
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