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ABCA Travel & Youth Baseball Service Awards

2024 Service Award Winner headshots of Mike Spiers and Jeanie Cooke

The ABCA Travel and Youth Baseball Service Awards are accolades that recognize coaches who have made significant contributions to the development and well-being of youth in their communities through the sport of baseball. These awards celebrate the dedication, passion, and impact of coaches who go above and beyond in fostering a love for the game and providing invaluable mentorship to young athletes.

Introduced at the 2023 ABCA Convention, the ABCA Travel and Youth Baseball Service Awards honor one coach within both Travel Baseball and Youth Baseball annually. These coaches are not only leaders on the field but also influential figures who help shape the character and skills of young players. The honorees are selected based on their exemplary service and commitment to youth athletes. The award is presented during a ceremony prior to the leadoff clinic at the annual ABCA Convention.

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