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ABCA Minority Member Spotlight: Jeremy Booth, Program 15 (TX)

The American Baseball Coaches Association strives to help diversify the baseball community and help bring opportunities in the game to all areas. The ABCA Minority Spotlight series looks to capture the experiences, coaching style, and impact that baseball has had on different ABCA member coaches. A new Minority Spotlight feature is released on the ABCA Podcast on the third Monday of the month and we will transcribe a small portion of the interview, which you can find below.

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The ABCA Podcast releases a new episode weekly featuring coaches from all levels of the sport. Discussions run the gamut of baseball coaching topics, from pitching, to hitting, to the mental game, practice planning, recruiting and more. The podcast is hosted by Ryan Brownlee, longtime coach and current Assistant Executive Director of the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA).

Jeremy Booth is the founder and CEO of Program 15 and the President of Baseball Operations for The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series. His reputation for being able to recognize and uncover player potential is built on a diverse 18-year professional baseball career as a player, coach, and talent evaluator. Booth left professional baseball in 2016 to create Program 15, an organization dedicated to his vision for providing amateur players across all economic levels an opportunity to reach their full potential through the training, development and guidance of former MLB players, scouts, and coaches.

Ryan Brownlee: Did you know you were going to get into scouting after you got done playing?

Jeremy Booth: You know, I had no idea. So, at the time when I was done playing, I remember waking up one day and knowing it was over, playing wise. We all have that moment, right? You just know. I made a phone call to Brian Drahman. Drahman, who went on to coach the White Sox from a big leaguer, who was the manager when I finished. I said, “I’m done. I don’t wanna play anymore.”  

RB: With all the changes in minor league baseball, would you like to be playing minor league baseball right now? 

JB: I will say that any day you get to play this game and get paid to do it is a blessing. So, the answer is yes when it comes to that. 

RB: How did you know when it was time to pivot to what you are doing now?

JB: I was traveling a lot and I was writing up players and I am so thankful for the time with it, but it was not going anywhere and you know, Mack and I had different visions on if there was going to be a new GM coming in and it was kind of a situation where I knew I was ready to do something else, or at least something more. 

RB: With the Future Stars, do you feel like it helps with your scouting background being able to put together events?

JB: Without question, I believe that more college coaches and pro scouts, and that is not an aside to anybody else when I say this, have to work together on impacting the amateur player. 

RB: How did you get the idea of having Junior College and High School guys play against each other?

JB: I will say I don’t think anybody’s ever done that and it spawned a Junior College regional series, which we’ll do in the fall. The idea actually came from the Caribbean Classic. We were playing these very talented Dominican kids, like prospect level guys who are going to get paid, and we beat them 49 to nothing. So after I said I will take my 25 guys and we will play anyone. I’m just telling you I was not necessarily talking to Junior Colleges, but Kory Koehler with San Jac said “We got you.”

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