Rapsodo and ABCA Announce Renewed Partnership and New Certification Deal to Help Coaches Implement Data-Driven Player Development Programs

May 26, 2020
Rapsodo Baseball

The American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) announced today that it has renewed its partnership with Rapsodo, a leading innovator in sports technology and data analytics. Additionally, the two companies have also announced they are teaming up to offer current members access to the newly released Rapsodo Baseball Hitting and Pitching Certifications, both of which are designed to help coaches advance their knowledge and understanding of data.

As a Double Partner, Rapsodo will have a booth at the 2021 ABCA Convention in Washington, D.C., and will be a featured presenter on the Expo Theater stage.

Rapsodo Baseball Hitting and Pitching Certifications
Members of the ABCA can access Rapsodo’s Hitting and Pitching Certifications directly through the My ABCA mobile app by tapping the More button and selecting Rapsodo Certifications. More information is also available through the Educational Resources section of the ABCA website. Rapsodo is offering this training at a significant discount to ABCA members.

“Rapsodo’s commitment to education and moving the game forward aligns directly with our goals as an association,” said Craig Keilitz, Executive Director of the ABCA. “We are excited to be able to offer these new coaching resources to our members through our mobile app and website, and we hope that coaches take advantage of the insights and technology that our partners at Rapsodo have developed.”

The Rapsodo Baseball Hitting and Pitching Certifications were designed and delivered by Rapsodo data experts Seth Daniels and Brian Page. The online, video-based courses feature leading coaches and industry experts to show you how “those that do it best” are using technology and data to develop players, measure performance, increase competition in practice and conduct year-round training. From master concepts to immediate applications, you will walk away with Rapsodo data as a second language.

The Hitting Course provides a thorough understanding of all batted ball flight data. When a person earns the certification he/she will be able to implement what was learned and see immediate results in his/her player development program. The Pitching Course will help coaches build better, more effective arsenals for their pitchers. Once you become Rapsodo Pitching Certified you will have a complete understanding of pitch design and how to implement that in everyday practice.

“Our partnership with ABCA is a vital piece of our business. It has been the catalyst for us to launch products and help educate the baseball community on advanced analytics,” said Batuhan Okur, founder & CEO of Rapsodo. “Our renewed partnership will allow us the opportunity to continue to work closely with ABCA and its members to advance the game of baseball.”

About Rapsodo
Rapsodo develops data-driven sports technologies designed to empower athletes and coaches to cost-effectively analyze and improve their game, which is used by thousands of professional and collegiate teams, including all 30 MLB teams. Founded in 2010, the company developed the first affordable golf personal launch monitor, distributed in the USA under SkyTrak. The company continues to focus on delivering a variety of sport training and simulation technologies that allow users to better understand performance through reliable statistics. This ultimately translates into Rapsodo's motto of "Measure to Master." To learn more, visit Rapsodo.com.

About the ABCA
The ABCA, founded in 1945, is the primary professional organization for baseball coaches at the amateur level. Its nearly 13,000 members represent all 50 states and 27 countries. Since its initial meeting of 27 college baseball coaches in June 1945, Association membership has broadened to include eight divisions: NCAA Division I, II and III, NAIA, NJCAA, Pacific Association Division, High School and Youth.