High School State Associations

The ABCA is not affiliated with State Coaching Associations or High School Athletic Associations, however, we do encourage coaches to check out their state organization. Please click on your state below to visit the State Coaches Association or High School Athletic Association website:

If you have business items and policies, specifically in regards to rules and legislation at the High School level, please contact your High School Divisional Committee regional representative as well as the Chair of the committee. The Chair of the High School Divisional Committee serves on the ABCA Executive Committee.

The ABCA Executive Committee is comprised of the ABCA’s elected officers as well as officers representing all collegiate levels, High School, Youth and Travel Baseball. The representatives from each division are all elected by the ABCA membership and also serve as the Chair of their respective Divisional Committee. The ABCA Executive Committee is responsible for bringing forth recommendations of business items and policies, specifically in regards to rules and legislation affective each division, to the ABCA’s Board of Directors. The group meets annually at the ABCA Convention and each Chair communicates with their respective committee on a regular basis.

You are also encouraged to attend the High School Coaches Meeting held annually at the ABCA Convention. This meeting is ran by the ABCA High School Divisional Committee and is open to the entire ABCA high school membership.
PositionFull NameOrganizationEmail
ChairJason MaxwellEnsworth High School (TN)[email protected]
Region 1Steve HealyBoston College High School (MA)[email protected]
Region 2Granville GehrisCary High School (NC)[email protected]
Region 3Andy HarlinSt. Pius X Catholic High School (GA)[email protected]
Region 4Tim FunkhouserEdwardsville High School (IL)[email protected]
Region 5Ryan McGinnisKimberly High School (WI)[email protected]
Region 6Alan McDougalColleyville Heritage High School (TX)[email protected]
Region 7Ron MurphyRio Rancho High School (NM)[email protected]
Region 8Eric BorbaOrange Lutheran High School (CA)[email protected]