ABCA Competition Committee-NCAA

ABCA Liaisons: Craig Keilitz, Jon Litchfield

Duties: The ABCA Competition Committee will review new and existing NCAA playing rules and interpretations as well as issues around the game during the season to ensure that the intent of each rule is being carried out without unintended consequences. Feedback and recommendations will be provided to NCAA officials and umpires who will be able to make changes during the season, if necessary, to ensure that the intent of a rule is being followed, improvements can be made to the game, and that unintended consequences of rule changes are being addressed. Please Note: This committee will only be addressing situations that have happened in games and will not be looking at "what if" scenarios.

How to Submit Issues to the Committee: Coaches who are experiencing inconsistencies in how a rule is being interpreted by umpires, or who are consistently seeing unintended consequences of rule changes, should bring those issues to a member of the ABCA Competition Committee.

  • Contact a member of the ABCA Competition Committee. If an assistant coach is contacting the committee, the head coach should be aware of it.
  • Provide a detailed explanation of the issues you’ve experienced on a consistent basis.
  • Provide video evidence of situations so that the Committee can determine if further action is needed and provide that evidence to those who need it.
  • Please only bring forward situations that you’ve experienced consistently that you feel require an update to rule interpretations or an overall re-education about interpretations. This committee will not be addressing any “one-off” incidents.
Full NameOrganizationPositionEmail
Tim CorbinVanderbilt UniversityNCAA Division I[email protected]
Elvis DominguezBradley UniversityNCAA Division I[email protected]
Chris PollardDuke UniversityNCAA Division I[email protected]
John SavageUCLANCAA Division I[email protected]
Jim SchlossnagleTexas A&M UniversityNCAA Division I[email protected]
Mark BrewLee UniversityNCAA Divison II[email protected]
Chris HanksColorado Mesa UniversityNCAA Divison II[email protected]
John CaseyJohnson & Wales UniversityNCAA Divison III[email protected]
Matt NooneBabson CollegeNCAA Divison III[email protected]
Ben BrownleeNCAACommittee Member[email protected]
Randy BrunsNCAACommittee Member[email protected]
George DrouchesNCAACommittee Member[email protected]
Richard FetchietCBUACommittee Member[email protected]
Paul GuillieCoordinator Of UmpiresCommittee Member[email protected]