Hall of Fame Committee

ABCA Liaison:  Matt West

Duties:  Responsible for obtaining nominees, evaluating credentials of all candidates and making selections for ABCA Hall of Fame. See also: Veterans Hall of Fame Committee.

Link:  ABCA Hall of Fame Nomination Form (pdf)

Full NameOrganizationAffiliationPositionEmail
Carroll LandPoint Loma Nazarene University (CA)NCAA IIChaircarrollland@pointloma.edu
Tracy ArchuletaUniversity of Southern IndianaNCAA IICommittee Memberarchuleta@usi.edu
Terrance AyersSt. Charles North High School (IL)High SchoolCommittee Memberterrya34@comcast.net
Duane BanksUniversity Of IowaNCAA ICommittee Memberjeannette.banks@mediacombb.net
Scott BerryMayville State UniversityNAIACommittee Memberscott.berry.2@mayvillestate.edu
Dave ChamberlainSt. Petersburg CollegeNJCAA ICommittee Memberhdccoach@aol.com
Ed FlahertyUniversity of Southern MaineNCAA IIICommittee Membereflaherty26@yahoo.com
Jeff JenkinsRose Hulman Institute of TechnologyNCAA IIICommittee Memberjenkins@rose-hulman.edu
Mark JohnsonTexas A&M UniversityNCAA ICommittee Membermj@mlj7.com
Ronald MaestriUniversity of New OrleansNCAA ICommittee Memberr.maestri@aol.com
Gene McArtorUniversity of MissouriNCAA ICommittee Membermcartore@missouri.edu
Tim MeadWalsh UniversityNCAA IICommittee Membertmead@walsh.edu
Tom O'ConnellSt. Francis High School (WI)High SchoolCommittee Memberoconnetj14@gmail.com
Jim PeckAmerican Legion (MN)YouthCommittee Memberjimepeck@aol.com
John SchalyAshland UniversityNCAA IICommittee Memberjschaly@ashland.edu
Harry TholenSanta Fe CollegeNJCAA ICommittee Membertholenharry@gmail.com
Bob WarnIndiana State UniversityNCAA ICommittee Memberwarn14@msn.com