Diversity in Baseball

The ABCA's Diversity in Baseball Committee is working to provide resources to promote Diversity in Baseball.

Committee Initiatives:

  • Professional Development
  • Youth Baseball Education & Advancement

Want to contact the ABCA Diversity in Baseball Committee? Email diversity@abca.org.

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Kerrick Jackson, chair of the ABCA Diversity in Baseball Committee, hosted this #ABCAatHOME Virtual Clinic titled "The Black Experience: Searching for Relevance On and Off the Field in America's Pastime" in July 2020.


ABCA Diversity in Baseball Committee

Full Name Organization Position Email
Kerrick Jackson Southern University Chair diversity@abca.org
Tyrone Anthony Brooks Major League Baseball Professional Development Sub-Committee Tyrone.Brooks@mlb.com
Bonnie Hoffman DC Girls Baseball Professional Development Sub-Committee coachbonnie.dcgirlsbaseball@gmail.com
Richard Kanter Kanter Sports, LLC Professional Development Sub-Committee richard@kanter-legal.com
Mark Martinez San Diego State University Professional Development Sub-Committee mmartine@mail.sdsu.edu
Kimya Massey Oregon State University Professional Development Sub-Committee Kimya.Massey@oregonstate.edu
Spencer Allen Northwestern University Youth Development Sub-Committee spencer.allen@northwestern.edu
Kenny Fullman Chicago White Sox ACE Program Youth Development Sub-Committee coachkenny@hotmail.com
Stephen Lewis THE BASE Youth Development Sub-Committee slewis@thebase.org
Mervyl Melendez Florida International University Youth Development Sub-Committee mmelende@fiu.edu
Tony D. Reagins MLB Youth Development Sub-Committee treagins7@hotmail.com
Jeremy Sheetinger Georgia Gwinnett College Youth Development Sub-Committee sheets@ggc.edu