Defense -1B

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Barnstormers - Nashville | Turning Two & Infielder Throwing Program with Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith, Belmont University (TN): "Infield Play" from the 2020 Barnstormers Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee. Time: 38:53

2018-02 Monte Brooks (Defense-Infield) Don't Cut Corners: Avoid Neglecting Corner Infield Play

Monte Brooks, The Master's University: "Don't Cut Corners: Avoid Neglecting Corner Infield Play" from the 2018 ABCA Convention in Indianapolis, Time: 38:45

2011-24 Brian Brewer (Defense-1B) First Base Play

Brian Brewer, Marietta College: "First Base Play" from the 2011 ABCA Convention in Nashville, Time: 36:21

2017-20 Dan Sheaffer (Defense-1B) The Art of First Base Play

Dan Sheaffer, Tampa Bay Devil Rays: "The Art of First Base Play" from the 2017 ABCA Convention in Anaheim, Time: 37:34

2008-18 Tommy Raffo (Defense-1B) Completing the Defense: First Base Play & Drills

Tommy Raffo, Arkansas State University: "Completing the Defense: First Base Play & Drills" from the 2008 ABCA Convention in Philadelphia, Time: 40:25

Defense - 1B | Stretch & Catch Fungo

Kai Correa, San Francisco Giants: Create trajectory and hop variations for your 1B with this fungo drill.

Defense - 1B | Stretch & Catch Touch & Go

Kai Correa, Cleveland Indians: 1B drill that combines agility, vision and angles to develop awareness around the bag.

Defense - 1B | Lacrosse

Jake McKinley, Milwaukee Brewers: Competitive drill that's fun for the whole Team while challenging 1B.