Defense - Short Stop

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Barnstormers - Nashville | Turning Two & Infielder Throwing Program with Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith, Belmont University (TN): "Infield Play" from the 2020 Barnstormers Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee. Time: 38:53

2012-04 Rich Maloney (Defense-2B, SS) The Heart of Defense - Middle Infield Play

Rich Maloney, Ball State University: "The Heart of Defense - Middle Infield Play" from the 2012 ABCA Convention in Anaheim, Time: 40:09

2011-26 Brian Green (Defense-Infield) Infield Double Play and Position Specific Drills

Brian Green, Washington State University: "Infield Double Play and Position Specific Drills" from the 2011 ABCA Convention in Nashville, Time: 45:18

2017-03 Marty Lees (Defense-Infield) Double Plays, Feeds & Turns

Marty Lees, Oklahoma State University: "Double Plays, Feeds & Turns" from the 2017 ABCA Convention in Anaheim, Time: 44:34

2015-18 Paul Kostacopoulos (Defense-Infield) Middle Infield Play & Double Plays

Paul Kostacopoulos, Navy: "Middle Infield Play & Double Plays" from the 2015 ABCA Convention in Orlando, Time: 36:18

2008-12 Mark Johnson (Defense-Infield) Complete the Double Play

Mark Johnson, Sam Houston State University: "Complete the Double Play" from the 2008 ABCA Convention in Philadelphia, Time: 38:02

Defense - SS | 3 Bag Double Play Pivots

Kai Correa, Cleveland Indians: Great way for your SS to rep out 3 different types of Double Play Pivots within one drill.

Defense - SS | 3 Zone Double Play Feeds

Kai Correa, Cleveland Indians: Teach your SS to associate distance with the type of double play feed needed.