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Sonny Pittaro Profile Photo
Board Member

Sonny Pittaro

Rider University
Affiliation: NCAA I
Continuous Years of ABCA Membership: 54
Alma Mater: Brown University (RI)

Sonny Pittaro wrapped up the culmination of his distinguished 34-season coaching career at Rider University in 2004 with 766 wins, a record for any sport at Rider. He led Rider to nine conference championships and eight NCAA Regional appearances, reaching the championship round in 1987. Thirty-eight of his players went pro, and five made it to the Majors. Pittaro earned several accolades, including two ABCA/Diamond East Region Coach of the Year awards and East Coast Conference Coach of the Year. He served on the NCAA Baseball Committee for six years and on the ABCA All-America Committee for 11. Pittaro was also the ABCA President in 2001 and continues to contribute to the organization as a member of the Board of Directors, Standing Committee, and Hall of Fame Veterans Committee.

Sonny Pittaro Photo

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