Hall of Fame Veterans Committee

ABCA Liaison: Matt West

Duties: Evaluate long-time members that may have been overlooked in previous years for Hall of Fame candidacy.

Full NameOrganizationPositionEmail
Tim MeadWalsh UniversityChair[email protected]
Guy AndersonCapital Christian High School (CA)Committee Member[email protected]
Charlie GreeneMiami Dade CollegeCommittee Member[email protected]
John KolasinskiSiena Heights UniversityCommittee Member[email protected]
Brad NiethammerWebber International UniversityCommittee Member[email protected]
Tom PetroffUniversity Of Northern ColoradoCommittee Member[email protected]
Sonny PittaroRider UniversityCommittee Member[email protected]il.com
Gary PullinsBYUCommittee Member[email protected]